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In recent years, wallpaper has staged a captivating comeback, asserting itself as a pivotal player in the realm of interior design. Once relegated to the sidelines by the ascendance of minimalist aesthetics, wallpaper has now emerged as a dynamic force, celebrated for its unique ability to infuse living spaces with depth, character, and a touch of luxury. This section embarks on an exploration of the renewed popularity of wallpaper, shedding light on its resurgence as a transformative element capable of orchestrating quick and impactful home makeovers. As we delve into the intricate patterns and designs that adorn walls anew, we uncover the reasons behind wallpaper’s renewed status as a coveted choice for interior designers and homeowners alike.

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Wallpaper’s Resurgence in Interior Design

In recent years, wallpaper has experienced a remarkable resurgence, reclaiming its status as a transformative element in interior design. Once overshadowed by minimalist trends, it is now celebrated for its ability to add depth, character, and a touch of luxury to living spaces. This section explores the renewed popularity of wallpaper, highlighting its role as a powerful tool for quick and impactful home transformations.

Insights from Top Interior Designers

To unravel the secrets behind wallpaper’s resurgence and understand how it has become a go-to choice for designers, we turn to the expertise of renowned interior designers. Leaders in the field, such as Gil Melott of Studio 6f in Chicago, Jan Showers of Jan Showers & Associates based in Dallas, and Young Huh from her eponymous design firm in New York, share their invaluable insights. Through their experiences and perspectives, we gain a deeper understanding of why wallpaper has become a focal point in interior design:

Creative Resurgence: Interior designers may highlight the creative renaissance of wallpaper, emphasising its ability to transform spaces dynamically.

Custom Offerings: Designers may discuss the influence of design companies like de Gournay, Gracie, and Kravet, which offer remarkable designs and custom options, contributing to the resurgence of wallpaper.

Adaptation to Trends: Insights could touch upon how wallpaper adapts to evolving design trends, moving away from minimalist styles to more layered and patterned interiors.

Popularity in Media: Top designers might discuss the impact of popular films and TV series showcasing bold patterns, influencing the widespread popularity of wallpaper.

Nature and Color Trends: Designers may share observations about the growing trend of incorporating biophilic and natural motifs in wallpaper, driven by a global hunger for nature, colour, and beauty.

Role in Layered Spaces: The designers may emphasise the role of wallpaper in creating layered and sophisticated interiors, moving away from the starkness of minimalist designs.

Impact on Mood: Insights could touch upon how wallpaper selection is influenced by the desired mood for a space, whether it’s serene and minimal or vibrant and energetic.

Designed by Brittany Bromley, this breathtaking bedroom suite revolves around the mesmerising parrot wallpaper within the space, as captured by Nickolas Sargent.

The Resurgence of Wallpaper

In an era dominated by ever-evolving design preferences, the renaissance of wallpaper stands as a testament to the enduring allure of this classic design element. Once relegated to the sidelines, wallpaper has reemerged as a formidable force, challenging the supremacy of neutral interiors. Its resurgence is not merely a fleeting trend but a profound shift in design dynamics. This section delves into the resurgence of wallpaper, exploring its evolution from a forgotten relic to a pivotal player in contemporary interior design. From its transformative capabilities to the influences exerted by design luminaries and popular media, we unravel the multifaceted layers that define the renewed prominence of wallpaper in the design landscape.

Wallpaper as a Transformative Element

Amidst the ebb and flow of design trends, wallpaper has risen as a transformative element, wielding the power to redefine and rejuvenate living spaces. Once considered a relic of the past, wallpaper is now celebrated for its versatility and capacity to create immersive environments. This subsection delves into the ways wallpaper has transcended its conventional role, exploring its newfound status as a design essential capable of shaping ambience, personality, and visual intrigue within interiors. As we unravel the layers of wallpaper’s renaissance, it becomes evident that its resurgence is not merely a stylistic choice but a testament to its unrivalled capacity for metamorphosing a room into a captivating work of art.

Featured prominently in major films and TV series of the year, bold patterns took center stage, exemplified by the captivating visuals in Netflix's hit series, "The Queen’s Gambit.

Featured prominently in major films and TV series of the year, bold patterns took centre stage, exemplified by the captivating visuals in Netflix’s hit series, “The Queen’s Gambit“.

The resurgence of wallpaper finds its roots in the dynamic interplay between design companies and popular media. Esteemed entities such as de Gournay, Gracie, and Kravet, among others, have propelled wallpaper into the spotlight by crafting remarkable designs and bespoke offerings. This resurgence isn’t confined to the confines of design studios; it has permeated our screens through influential platforms, including blockbuster films and binge-worthy series. As seen in Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Bridgerton,” and other cinematic marvels, wallpaper has become integral to set design, leaving an indelible mark on our collective aesthetic sensibilities. This subsection navigates through the symbiotic relationship between design companies and popular media, unravelling the factors that have catapulted wallpaper to the forefront of contemporary interior design.

Types of Wallpaper

Choosing the right type of wallpaper is crucial for achieving the desired look and functionality in your home. Here are some popular types to guide you:

1. Non-Woven/Paste the Wall

Non-woven wallpaper is gaining popularity for its breathability, making it resistant to mildew and mould. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, it is washable and features a “paste the wall” technology, reducing decorating time. Easily removable in one piece, it’s tear-resistant and suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

Consider non-woven wallpaper if: You prefer a DIY approach, and it suits nearly all areas of your home.

2. Vinyl

Perfect for high-traffic areas, vinyl wallpaper consists of a paper layer with a printed vinyl film on top. Water and vapour-resistant, it is easy to clean. Consider it for kitchens and bathrooms, offering an alternative to tiling, and mix it up for added interest and contrasting textures.

Consider Kitchens & Bathrooms or high-traffic areas.

3. Flock

Dating back to the 17th Century, flock wallpapers were invented to imitate cut velvet hangings. With 3D qualities, they add interest and dimension to a room, absorbing sound and making a bold statement. Flock wallpapers are ideal if you seek a luxurious feel and look.

Consider flock wallpaper if: You desire a touch of luxury and dimensional interest.

4. Anaglypta

Invented in 1877, Anaglypta wallpaper has seen a revival, known for its paintable quality. With a range from vintage to contemporary styles, it is highly durable and suitable for heavy traffic areas like hallways. Anaglypta is versatile, allowing you to change its look by painting, perfect for frequent revamps and redecorations.

Consider this type of wallpaper for Heavy-traffic areas and those who love to revamp frequently.

5. Grasscloth

Grasscloth is an excellent choice for adding interest and depth without patterns or colours. Though costly, it hides imperfections on walls and provides durability against everyday wear and tear.

Consider if: You prefer textured designs, durability, and longevity in your wallpaper.

10 Wallpaper Styles

Choosing the right wallpaper style can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and ambience of a room. Explore various styles to find the one that resonates with your vision:

1. Timeless Midcentury

Achieve a sophisticated retro feel with designs like Boråstapeter Scandinavian Designers 11 Wallpaper Vertigo 1774 – 1777. Arne Jacobsen’s Vertigo features semi-circles, providing a sense of rhythm and movement.

2. Florals

Floral wallpapers, such as Ava Marika Ditsy in Moody, offer a range from bold to delicate. Pair them with modern furniture for a contemporary look, balancing strong floral prints with plain surfaces.

3. Botanicals

Embrace the enduring Botanical trend, creating a nature-inspired statement in your space. Explore various designs that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

4. Drama

Infuse drama into your interiors with bold designs like Faunacation Wallpaper by Divine Savages. Tropical palms, jungle foliage, and big cats create a wow factor, making a lasting impact.

5. Murals

Transform a room with mural wallpapers like Zephyr Wall Mural. Murals act as artistic backdrops, providing a storytelling element and adding creativity to your space.

Tip: Ensure a flat, plastered, and painted wall for the best mural application.

6. Faking It

Achieve the look of expensive materials with realistic wallpaper designs like Oxford Charcoal and Deansgate. From brick walls to panelling, these cost-effective options mimic the real thing.

7. Geometric

Bring a modern edgy vibe to your room with geometric patterned wallpapers. From Scandi chic to bold statements, these prints create an illusion of continuous space.

8. Eco-Friendly

Opt for subtle geometric patterns with an eco-friendly touch, like Fold Wallpaper by Eco. Brands like Eco Wallpaper prioritise the environment, offering modern vibes with a light and spacious feel.

9. Metallics

Enhance your space with metallic wallpapers such as Anise Texture – Copper. The reflective qualities of metallics add texture, bounce light, and provide a warm and luxurious feel.

10. Directional & Stripes

Create movement and visual interest with directional wallpapers. Designs like Eco Wallpaper FRONT Tilted Weave use diagonals for a sense of direction, while vertical stripes add visual height, and horizontal stripes create width.

Paolo Moschino’s Wallpaper

We offer different wallcovering options for interior designers and clients who are interested in ordering our designs. A selection of our designs is produced stocked available to purchase by the roll. Most of our unique designs can be printed as non-woven wallpaper at the same width and scale as the original fabric design. Alternatively, all of our fabrics can be paper-backed to use as wallcovering. Fabric-covered walls create a luxurious foundation for patterns and textures. Orders can be placed and produced on a custom basis only and are priced by the meter. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information and lead times at

Wallpaper as a Manifestation of Design Creativity

Wallpaper has transcended its conventional role and metamorphosed into a tangible canvas for creative expression. Gone are the days when walls served merely as boundaries; now, they encapsulate narratives, evoke emotions, and showcase the boundless imagination of designers. This section delves into the profound evolution of wallpaper, positioning it not just as a design element but as a vivid manifestation of creativity. From intricate patterns that tell stories to bold motifs that challenge the ordinary, wallpaper has become a potent medium for designers to breathe life and character into living spaces. Join us in unravelling the artistic journey where wallpaper transcends its utilitarian origins, embracing its newfound identity as a vibrant palette for design innovation.

Douglas Friedman

Considerations Before Wallpapering

Before diving into the world of wallpaper, careful considerations are paramount to ensure a successful and visually appealing outcome. This section outlines key factors that demand thoughtful contemplation, guiding homeowners and designers alike through the decision-making process.

Wallpaper as a Manifestation of Design Creativity

As wallpaper experiences a renaissance in interior design, it emerges not merely as a wall-covering option but as a tangible manifestation of design creativity. This subsection delves into the artistic aspects of wallpaper, exploring how it serves as a canvas for designers to express their creative ingenuity. With a departure from minimalist trends, designers now embrace wallpaper as a powerful tool to infuse spaces with artistic flair. From intricate patterns to bold motifs, wallpaper has evolved into a dynamic expression of design, ushering in an era of vibrant and personalised interiors. Understanding the creative potential of wallpaper is essential for those seeking to embark on a design journey that goes beyond conventional norms.

Balancing Aesthetics and Practicality

As designers navigate the vast landscape of wallpaper possibilities, achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality emerges as a crucial consideration. This section sheds light on designers’ preferred destinations for wallpaper, where the marriage of visual allure and functional suitability takes centre stage.

Designers’ Favorite Wallpaper Destinations

The strategic use of wallpaper has transcended conventional boundaries, evolving into an artful expression that extends beyond walls. Designers, with their discerning eye for aesthetics and functionality, have identified specific destinations within homes where wallpaper becomes not just a decorative element but a transformative force. This section delves into the designers’ playbook, unveiling their favourite wallpaper destinations—a curated selection of spaces where the marriage of design ingenuity and visual allure takes centre stage. Join us on a journey through these preferred havens, where walls, ceilings, and unexpected corners become canvases for creative expression, elevating the overall ambience of the home.

Wallpaper on Ceilings for a Special Touch

Ceilings, often overlooked in traditional design, have become a captivating canvas for designers seeking to infuse a space with a unique and special ambience. Explore the allure of wallpaper-adorned ceilings, where patterns and textures meet the eye above, adding a distinctive touch to the entire room.

Ideal Spaces for Wallpaper – Entry Halls, Powder Rooms, etc.

Certain spaces within a home beckon for an extra layer of charm and personality. Designers reveal their penchant for adorning entry halls, powder rooms, and other strategic areas with captivating wallpapers. Discover how these carefully selected designs transform these spaces into captivating vignettes.

In a remarkable transformation, Gil Melott turned a small powder bath into a captivating and immersive space, captured by Ryan McDonald.

Unique Wallpaper Use in Kitchen Pantries

Venturing beyond conventional choices, designers share their innovative approach to wallpaper in unexpected places. Dive into the realm of kitchen pantries as an unsung hero, where wallpaper becomes a delightful surprise, injecting a daily dose of joy and consideration into these often-neglected spaces.

Wallpaper in Smaller Spaces for Texture and Pattern

In the intricate dance between design elements and spatial dynamics, smaller spaces often hold the key to unlocking a home’s full aesthetic potential. Designers, recognizing the significance of texture and pattern, have championed the use of wallpaper in these more confined realms. This section explores the deliberate and thoughtful integration of wallpaper into smaller spaces, unveiling how it catalyzes introducing captivating textures and patterns. Discover the transformative impact of wallpaper in powder rooms, closets, and other intimate areas, where it contributes to a harmonious blend of visual intrigue and spatial charm.

Captured by John Bessler, Young Huh curated a breezy living area, incorporating distinct wallpapers on both the walls and ceiling for a distinctive touch.

Where to Use Wallpaper

Discover innovative ways to integrate wallpaper into your home, bringing personality and style to every corner:

1. Mix It Up

Break free from convention by mixing and matching patterns within a room. Use colour as the unifying element to create a harmonious design scheme. Wallcovering books often group designs by colour, simplifying coordination.

2. Hallways

Transform hallways and cloakrooms into spaces of experimentation and fun. As these areas are not typically lingered in, they offer the perfect canvas for bold patterns and vibrant colours. When selecting wallpaper for hallways, consider visual connections to adjacent spaces for a seamless flow.

3. Ceilings

Elevate your design by wallpapering your ceilings, a growing trend embraced by designers. This approach allows you to highlight architectural features and introduce patterns or colours without overwhelming the walls. Consider wallpapers like Polo Stripe Wallpaper by Cole & Son to add a touch of whimsy and creativity to your ceiling.

Where Not to Use Wallpaper

Amidst the celebration of wallpaper’s versatility and transformative prowess, there exist cautionary considerations that guide its judicious application. Understanding where not to use wallpaper is as crucial as identifying its ideal destinations. This segment navigates the nuanced terrain of design practicality, advising against introducing wallpaper into high-traffic areas and spaces prone to wear and tear. Delve into the strategic decisions that designers make to ensure that exquisite wallcoverings maintain their allure without compromising functionality, offering insights that balance the desire for aesthetic finesse with the demands of everyday living.

Photographed by Thomas Loof, Summer Thornton opts for an unconventional approach by substituting a conventional tiled backsplash with wallpaper, safeguarded by protective glass coverings to preserve the exquisite wallcovering from potential damage.

Practical Considerations in High-Humidity Areas

The enchanting allure of wallpaper finds its way into spaces beyond the conventional, embracing unexpected realms within our homes. This section delves into the pragmatic considerations when introducing wallpaper to high-humidity areas, where conventional wisdom might suggest caution. Designers navigate challenges posed by moisture, offering insights into the durability and resilience of wallpaper selections in bathrooms, kitchens, and other environments susceptible to humidity. Unravel the secrets behind making aesthetic statements in spaces where practical considerations are paramount, showcasing the versatility of wallpaper in unexpected corners of your living spaces.

Unconventional Wallpaper Use

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, creativity knows no bounds. This segment explores the innovative and unconventional applications of wallpaper, transcending traditional boundaries to make a distinctive impact. Witness the audacious use of wallpaper in a shower enclosure, defying conventional norms while maintaining functionality through protective measures. Additionally, discover how designers reimagine the conventional backsplash by incorporating wallpaper, shielded by the sleek transparency of glass. Uncover the limitless possibilities that unfold when designers embrace the unexpected, turning walls into canvases that redefine the very essence of interior aesthetics.

Creativity in Incorporating Wallpaper Safely

In the dynamic realm of interior design, creativity thrives not only in aesthetics but also in the careful integration of elements for a harmonious living experience. This section explores the art of incorporating wallpaper safely, striking a delicate balance between imaginative expression and practical considerations. Designers, with their keen eye for both beauty and functionality, navigate the landscape of safety measures, ensuring that the allure of wallpaper is not compromised in high-moisture areas or spaces prone to wear and tear. Discover the ingenious ways in which creativity merges with cautious design, allowing you to embrace the transformative power of wallpaper without sacrificing durability or longevity.


In the ever-evolving tapestry of interior design, wallpaper emerges as a timeless and versatile thread, weaving stories of transformation, creativity, and personal expression. The resurgence of wallpaper, celebrated by top interior designers, reflects its newfound status as a powerhouse in design aesthetics. From its transformative impact to the influences of design companies and popular media, wallpaper has transcended its conventional role, becoming a manifestation of design creativity.

Navigating the considerations before wallpapering, including its role as an investment and the importance of scale, highlights the nuanced approach required for a successful design venture. Insights from renowned designers emphasize the significance of balancing aesthetics with practicality, showcasing favourite wallpaper destinations, and exploring unconventional applications in various spaces.

As we delve into where and where not to use wallpaper, the caution against high-traffic areas and the delicate dance between exquisite wallcoverings and wear-and-tear considerations becomes evident. The section on practical considerations in high-humidity areas unveils unconventional uses, such as wallpaper in a shower enclosure or protected by glass as a backsplash.

The article culminates in a celebration of creativity in incorporating wallpaper safely. Designers, with their expertise, guide us through the art of merging imagination with practicality, ensuring that wallpaper becomes not just a design choice but a lasting and impactful element of interior spaces. As you embark on your design journey, let this comprehensive guide be a source of inspiration, offering insights and pro tips to make your wallpaper endeavours both aesthetically pleasing and enduring. Wallpaper, in its newfound glory, awaits its place on your walls, ready to transform your living spaces into personalized works of art.

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