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An Entertaining Life: Designing Town and Country

Join two of the world’s most celebrated designers, Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen, as they share the inspirations and stories behind their life and work in London, the English countryside, and beyond.

Featuring guest rooms, an office, and formal gardens, the duo’s home in West Sussex is more than simply a weekend escape. It is the perfect space for a combined lifestyle of relaxing, entertaining, and working. The London apartment, too, is witness to many a stylish dinner for clients and friends, characterized by an infectious delight in ever-changing table-settings. A selection of recipes is included to accompany entertaining-related stories.

Take a look inside

Take a look inside

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Design Studio

Paolo Moschino Ltd is an award-winning, London-based interior design studio that creates exceptional residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors around the world.

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We have created our full product catalogue to provide easy access to the finest luxury products and furnishings for the home.

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Our Story

Whilst travelling the world, we derive inspiration from every conceivable angle and we translate these ideas and discoveries into our in-house product collections and clients’ design schemes.

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