The Making Of Our Scallop Console Table

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Our Scallop Console Table was introduced to our collection almost a year ago today and has since become one of our signature pieces. Unique, exotic and versatile, this table creates the perfect centerpiece for any room.

Weighing an impressive 85kg, this stunning table is not easy to make. The whole process takes about one week, over multiple stages, and is constructed in three parts.

Fiberglass being mixed in with the plaster

The table top and the base are the first parts to be produced, and are made using a special plaster mix which is poured into separate handmade moulds.

Once the base and the table top have been constructed, work on the scallop shape begins. Tiny pieces of fiberglass are added to the plaster mix which water is then poured into, to give it a malleable texture that can be applied to the scallop mould. The fiberglass gives extra flexibility to the table making it less brittle and much stronger.

The third plaster layer being applied

Once water has been added, our artisans have to act fast. The first layer of plaster is applied by hand to the scallop shaped mould and within 10-20 seconds, the sludgy texture has hardened and is no longer able to be manipulated.


Each layer can take a few hours to dry, and up to eight more are added on top, until the structure is strong enough to support itself when completely dry.

The scallop after being flipped over

Once the scallop shape is ready, it is very carefully turned over to reveal the solid mould underneath. Then, very carefully, the mould is lifted off, revealing a second more rubbery mould which is also slowly peeled off, revealing a beautiful fossil-like texture underneath.

The scallop mould being removed

The finished scallop shell is then moved to the base of the table and carefully placed in a pre-built hole, where it will sit.


Finally, the table top is gently placed on the scallop. The table is then polished and finishing touches made, before being transported to our London warehouse

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