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San Francisco Fall Show 2023

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INSIDE THE ROMAN PALAZZO – We are delighted and privileged to have had the possibility of designing the vignette for the San Francisco Fall Show 2023!

The San Francisco Fall Show is the leading international art, antiques, and design fair on the West Coast. Founded in 1982, the Show features over 40 of the top dealers from around the world, offering for sale an extraordinary range of fine and decorative arts representing all styles and periods, including paintings, furniture, precious metals, ceramics, jewellery, rugs, photography, works on paper, books, ethnographic art, and objets d’art. 

A favorite tradition of the Show is the transformation of the Grand Entry Hall to showcase the annual theme. The Show invites four top designers to create vignettes inspired by the theme. Each designer is assigned an element of the theme and creates a vision that brings it to life, incorporating pieces from the show floor and elsewhere. The designers work with show sponsor de Gournay to feature a stunning wallpaper or embroidery to line their walls. This year theme was “La Dolce Vita”:

Step into a realm where time itself becomes an exquisite tapestry, woven with the threads of history, elegance, and the allure of the Dolce Vita era. Our vignette at this antique fair is not just a presentation of artifacts; it is a portal into a bygone world, an homage to a period that encapsulated the essence of indulgence, sophistication, and the energy and fun-loving essence of the Dolce Vita lifestyle.
Imagine stepping into the heart of an imaginary Roman palazzo, a stately abode that has cradled generations within its embrace for over five centuries. This opulent residence, passed down through the annals of time, carries within its walls the whispers of countless stories, each reverberating with the joys and passions of those who lived within. The beautiful principessa has just left the room, negligently dropping her coat on one of the chairs.
As you look at our vignette, you’ll discover a curated collection that reflects the eclectic tastes of these generations. A table from the 1920s stands as a silent witness to lavish soirées and animated conversations that have graced its surface. Roman sculptures and vases, weathered by the years, evoke the artistry and mastery of an era long past, while modernist chairs pay homage to the creative spirit of rebellion and innovation that swept through the world.
This vignette is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Dolce Vita period, a celebration of opulence, refinement, and the passage of time. It invites you to immerse yourself in a narrative that spans centuries, to appreciate the artistry of each era and the resonance of history that echoes through the ages. all against the backdrop of the exquisite hand-painted landscape of Rome by De Gournay.”

Thank you @suzanne_tucker for inviting us. Thank you @degournay@davincimarble, and all the generous dealers for making our “Dolce Vita” vision come to life.

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