Paolo & Philip Decorate WOW!House

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WOW!house is Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour’s first-ever designer showhouse. Visitors can walk through room after room of imaginative wonder, each space created by one of 20 acclaimed interior designers, working closely with renowned makers and international design houses. As a member of the Design Centre Community, we are honoured to participate to this project and decorate the Drawing Room.

“We have tried to make the drawing room a typical room
designed by our Company (classic with a twist).  It has classic,
strong architectural walls, a mixture of antiques (sourced from all over
the world) and contemporary furniture, some (important!) work of art and a
touch of humour. Without a final inhabitant, we have created a classic room that
can be lived in by various generations comfortably and in style.

We want the room to be both welcoming, calm, and well edited. A
room where people are happy to stay. The aesthetic is fresh, clean, and
very edited. The colour palette is white and chocolate brown with splashes of
colour interspersed with a mixture of modern and antiques antiquities some
oriental art. The fabrics are all-natural sustainable linen and wool.

Our intention is to make the
room look and feel real, not just designed as a window”

Paolo & Philip

A sneak peak into the room:



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