Paolo Moschino Fabrics: Printed in the UK


We have been creating fabrics since 2000 and since then have grown the collection to include over 60 designs, across a range of colours. A mixture of linens, silks, velvets and cottons, we are proud to source from Europe’s oldest and finest manufacturers and artisans that we have handpicked to create the finest fabrics possible.

Our fabrics can be used for a multitude of purposes including upholstery, wall coverings, and curtains. All our patterns are printed in the UK using traditional methods and can use up to 9 screens to complete each design. Because we work so closely with our printers we are able to offer a selection of our designs in custom colours for clients to ensure a perfect colour match for their project.


We use a combination of cotton, linen, velvet and silk for our fabrics, which are all sourced separately from some of the oldest and most specialist suppliers across Europe.


We offer two different categories of velvet: linen and cotton, which are weaved in Italy and the UK. Our linen velvet, which is all made in Italy, is more durable and creates a slightly harder feel that offers a more textural and varied finish. The cotton velvet, the majority of which is weaved in the UK, has a much more consistent, smoother finish which is exceptionally soft and luxurious.


Our linen is all sourced from leading Belgian artisans. Known globally as the Masters of Linen, the Belgians have been growing and transforming flax for generations which creates the perfect canvas for our unique patterns. We offer five different groups of linen including glazed, super glazed, sheer, stone washed and plain base cloth



All our cotton is sourced from a UK based family-owned manufacturer who have specialised in weaving for over 200 years.



All our silk is sourced in the UK from one of the country’s oldest manufacturers which was originally established back in 1865. We only produce two designs in silk; Melba Flower and De La Tour, both of which are available in a variety of colours.


New Fabrics

Our most recent collection named the Martinique Collection features a selection of digitally printed designs on linen and is comprised of three patterns and offered across four different colours; ochre, elephant, vanilla and orange.


The inspiration behind the ‘Palmyra’ and ‘Roche’ patterns stem from our long-standing admiration of the French artist and designer Serge Roche. Using a repetition of hand-drawn abstract motifs derived from palm trees, we revealed a stripe which became known as ‘Palmyra’. The ‘Roche’ was also inspired by the artist’s use of exotic flora, this time adopting a smaller more detailed and uneven motif, resulting in a more organic pattern.


All our fabrics are available for the following treatments:
• Paper backing (for wall covering)
• Fire retardant paper backing (for wall covering)
• Waterproof paper backing (for wall covering)
• Fire retardant and waterproofing backing
• Fire retardant blackout
• Fire retardant backing
• Knit backing (to reinforce naturally delicate fabrics to make them suitable for upholstery)

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