Paolo Moschino Collection – Fresh Spring Fabrics for 2021

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Expanding on the resounding success of the Paolo Moschino Collection in 2020—despite the challenges that have been thrown up by the pandemic—we are releasing three new fabric designs and adding fresh colourways to some popular patterns.

Martinique Collection (Riviere, Palmyra & Roche – Blue)

Originally launched in Autumn 2018, the Martinique Collection features three patterns: Riviere, Palmyra, and Roche. Each has been available in four colours—Ochre, Orange, Vanilla and Elephant—on a white linen/cotton base cloth. These soft, earthy tones complement many of our existing designs, and upon listening to our clients’ requests and feedback, we have recently introduced a wonderful new Blue colourway, which will add style and ambience to any room, in any location.

Riviere was inspired by accident, when a pattern that developed on an antique fabric when it was water damaged was so exquisite that Paolo and Philip developed it further into this popular design, which is reminiscent of ancient Japanese watercolour paintings.

The inspiration behind the Palmyra and Roche patterns stems from Paolo and Philip’s long-standing admiration of the French artist and designer Serge Roche. Using a repetition of hand-drawn abstract motifs derived from palm trees, they created a stripe that they call Palmyra. The Roche design was also inspired by the artist’s use of exotic flora; this time they used a smaller, more detailed and uneven motif, which results in a more organic pattern.

Chocolate Glazed Linen (or ‘CGL’)

Also new for spring, Chocolate Glazed Linen is a slightly darker and richer colourway of Natural Glazed Linen, one of Paolo and Philip’s favourite fabrics.

Ava on Nivelles Oyster – Taupe

The inspiration behind our fabric designs is often as interesting as the fabric designs themselves. For example, many years ago, when Paolo Moschino had the pleasure of being invited to dinner by Maureen, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, it wasn’t only the esteemed company around the dinner table that captured Paolo’s attention that evening—he was captivated by the exquisite hand-painted palm-motif fabric on her dining room walls, which left an indelible mark on his memory. In honour of that evening’s host, Paolo’s new Ava fabric reinterprets that lyrical palm pattern, and this wonderful overscale print is available in a taupe colourway printed on our oyster-colour linen.


We love animal prints, and this is a design we have wanted to develop for some time. The soft colours are subtle, making very easy to use, and they complement many other fabrics. So far, Cielo has been the favourite!

Leuven Plain Linen – Antique Pink, Cielo, Taupe

The Leuven palette now includes four colours, with Ochre already proving to be very popular. This textured linen is pre-treated with stain repellent, enabling it to be as practical as it is beautiful and the perfect complement to other patterns and prints within our collection.


Paolo testing colours for Ava at our fabric printers in London. This is a part of the process that he really loves! Often he comes back with more colours than planned . . .

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