Our new partnership with San Patrignano Community

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This Autumn, Paolo Moschino Ltd is very excited to announce a new partnership with San Patrignano and launch a collection of exclusive wallpaper designs; The Boiserie Collection. A balance of eclecticism, luxury and sophistication; with the incredible added value of social commitment and sustainable architecture.

Following a visit to the community in 2018, Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen were immediately captivated by the story of San Patrignano and the art of craftmanship that they teach to the members of the community. Paolo is originally from Italy and felt an instant connection with the work they do both creatively and ethically, by turning adversity and misfortune into something beautiful and constructive.

Our new partnership with San Patrignano Community

The final output from the specialised workshops is unparalleled and Paolo and Philip decided they wanted to support the community. They hand-selected the collection of 9 wallpapers and are very proud to be the exclusive distributor for these beautiful wallpaper designs.  Each design originates from a hand produced piece of artwork and is then printed onto a premium and environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper. The wallpaper is then finished by hand by the residents of San Patrignano, which is then coated with a porous layer to increase the brightness and protect the artwork. The results are truly magnificent works of art and are a refreshing alternative to anything else currently on the market.   Although each design is completely unique, the collection is tied together by the unusual texture and detailed finish, left by the brush and sponge marks that give them their unique hand finished appearance.

San Patrignano is a non-profit foundation whose sole objective is ‘social solidarity’. It is one of the world’s largest residential treatment centres and has been working for the last 41 years on the full recovery of those suffering from drug addiction.


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It is a community for life, based in Italy, that welcomes those suffering from drug addiction and marginalization and helps them to once again find their way thanks to a rehabilitation programme that is above all, a programme based on love. It is free, because love is a gift.

The community has given a new chance to more than 26,000 young people from all over the world with an independently verified drug free success rate of over 70%. Currently San Patrignano is home to roughly 1300 residents, the average age of which is dropping year by year. It also offers a new life for those families of those suffering, who find comfort and support in the reliable and expert guidance the community and its volunteers offer. It is a commitment towards building a better society, thanks to numerous projects designed to prevent drug abuse.

The therapeutic program is based on education and rehabilitation over a minimum period of 3 years and is tailored to each resident varying depending on the characteristics and needs of the individual. San Patrigano offers over 50 life and training sectors, many of which have been set up thanks to the commitment of artisans, craftsmen and industry professionals.

Personal development and growth occur through daily interaction and increasing responsibilities. Learning a profession allows each resident to grow one’s self-esteem with interpersonal relationships. It is through daily work that each resident can measure themselves, challenge their limits and discover/rediscover their potential. Community residents rediscover, day after day, the pleasure of feeling useful for themselves and for others, experiencing new forms of gratification that are the very opposite of the illusory gratification offered by drug use. The belief is that any activity, if carried out with passion and competence, can become a key for reintegration into society. Training and guiding the residents in these traditional Italian artisan crafts also equips them with invaluable skills, preparing them for re-integration with society and fixed job opportunities.

The wallpapers are on sale now and available to purchase from any of the Paolo Moschino Ltd showrooms.

Alternatively, for more information or if you have a specific project and would like to discuss a completely unique decor, please contact sales@paolomoschino.com

For more information about the San Patrignano Community, please visit www.sanpatrignano.com

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