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There are only two places in the world where one can purchase a pair of these iconic shoes: the Belgian Shoes boutique in Manhattan and here at Paolo Moschino Ltd.

The ultimate in comfort and luxury, Belgian Shoes are the ideal leisure shoe, perfect for everyday use and able to transition from day to evening with both comfort and style.

Belgian Shoes


Henri Bendel was a legendary Manhattan department store founded by milliner Henri Bendel in 1895. His nephew (and namesake), who became president of the store in 1936, discovered the unique hand-stitched loafers on a trip to Belgium, and following his retirement and the family’s sale of the Henri Bendel brand in 1954, he launched the Belgian Shoes boutique in New York.

In 1979, Bendel met Georges Vanacker, an established luxury shoe manufacturer in Belgium. They decided to do business together and became equal partners with a simple handshake. In 2019, Georges Vanacker became the sole proprietor of Belgian Shoes and entrusted his three daughters to run operations, manufacturing, and sales, whilst conserving the exclusivity of the brand.

The Shoe

The brand’s signature styles, Mr Casual and Midinette, are a unique design of an unstructured loafer that is sewed inside out and then hand-turned after completion to create the shoe that you see today.

The key to the shoes’ success is their indisputable comfort, which is achieved through their simple, hand-finished construction. Each insole is hand-sewn over a light filling of ‘piano hair’ by skilled craftswomen who work out of their homes in the Belgian countryside.

The signature bow on the vamp is the finishing touch, tied by a talented Belgian artisan.

Join ‘The Club’

Belgian Shoes are available in both women’s and men’s styles and in a full range of sizes and widths. Although you can browse the shoes here, you will need to contact us at our showroom in London to make your purchase to ensure that you receive a perfect fit.

Over the years, the understated-chic aesthetic of these shoes has attracted legions of loyal fans from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and design. As the antithesis of trendy flash, Belgian Shoes have never been more in demand and a new generation of fashionable traditionalists has been drawn to this iconic brand.

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