Mezzaro Genovese Cloth Collection

VIgnette.Tablecloth Mezzaro Genovese WS

Sourced from one of the finest and oldest printing companies in Liguria, Italy, we are proud to be able to offer you a selection of Mezzeri. These can often be found being used as beautiful cloths on our dining table or a decorative piece draped over a bed in the guest bedroom.

The ‘Mezzeri’ or ‘Mezzero Genovese’ takes its origin from the ancient Indian handprinted fabrics (palampores) that were imported to Europe by the British East India Company, from the second half of the XVII century. The name derives from the antique Arabic world ‘mizar’, meaning ‘hidden’.

In Italy and especially in Genoa where the ships from India called at, the Mezzero became very successful; it was used as a shawl, bedspread, tapestry, curtains, and we can see it in many paintings of the XVIII and XIX centuries. It became a symbol of wealth and authority. It was especially used by rich, Genoa’s noble women. At the end of the XVIII century the aristocracy of Genoa stopped wearing it. However, it was still used as part of the traditional costume by the ladies who used it to cover their heads or a a shrug.

Mezzero is a big square of handprinted fabric and is made of cotton or linen. It is always printed with the rich patterns that represent trees and flowers. We are sure that our collection of 8 different Mezzeri will add colours and personality to your interior decorations, enriching them with tradition and culture.


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