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Lighting for your Interior Design Projects

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Why is lighting important in interior design?

Lighting is an extremely important aspect of interior architecture. Good lighting provides a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere to any space. Here you will find our selection of luxurious and high-end lights and lamps that will enhance any room. Take a look at our collection – All lighting, Cordless, Ceiling Lamps, Table Lamps, Standing Lamps, Wall Lamps, Other, Lamp Shades

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Types of Lighting

There are five main interior design lighting groups that always need to be considered when planning your lighting scheme. Having a general understanding of each lighting group can help to plan an effective interior scheme; general, ambient, mood, task, and accent.

General Lighting

General Lighting is the basic foundation for any lighting scheme and refers to the overall illumination glow across the entire room. This type of lighting is ideally used for more functional reasons rather than aesthetic. The defining characteristic of general lighting is that it is usually direct through overhead ceiling fixtures and can be controlled by a dimmer switch to balance the light changing throughout the day. 

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The most common example of general lighting is a central pendant light. Luxury chandeliers for example make great visual statements. However, these need to be accompanied by other lighting layers due to central lighting sources casting unflattering shadows and giving no real lift to the room.

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Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting shares similar characteristics with the primary function to light the entire room. Ceiling Lamps or Wall Lamps will usually be connected to a dimming system to control the light levels in relation to the occasion. For example, low lit lighting would generally be used for entertaining. 

As Ambient lighting is a lot softer than general lighting, it doesn’t create unflattering shadows and when used correctly it creates an environment to relax from a stressful day. As the name suggests, task lighting is used when you are working on different task that require finer light such as cooking, reading, or writing. Table Lamps or Standing Lamps tends to have a higher wattage than most other lighting and is a smaller, more concentrated light.

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Mood Lighting

Mood lighting makes space pleasantly inviting by creating pools of light which neutralise the shadows caused by general lighting. It is often the layer of lighting closest to eye level so it is important to hide any glare with a shade. 

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Similar to task lighting, accent lighting has a particular function to highlight specific areas, artwork, or various sections of a room. For example, artwork, sculptures, and objects can be enhanced through accent lighting and prevent them from being lost in an under-illuminated space.

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Our talented team of designers in our Design Studio use a multitude of lighting techniques in our projects. Hopefully, you will also find some inspiration for your own signature spaces.


Downlighting is the most popular form of lighting for interiors and is visible through most central light sources or spotlights. However, it casts unflattering shadows so it needs to be counterbalanced with ambient lighting.

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Wall sconces are a great example of downlighting for creating a positive mood setting. It can brighten a hallway, provide additional lighting at a dinner party, or free up floor surfaces in a bathroom.


Uplighting is a much softer variation of downlighting and can make a room feel larger through bouncing light off the ceiling, reflecting back into the room.

Verbier Chalet

Wall Washing

As the name suggests, wall washing is designed to wash, or bathe walls with light and are extremely effective in bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

Holland Park Townhouse II

Wall Grazing

Similar to wall washing, wall grazing creates visual interest to a wall by effectively highlighting its texture. For example, a textured surface such as a stone wall can highlight key areas, drawing attention to the architectural design.

Perimeter lighting

Perimeter lighting makes the dimensions of a room more prominent through visually expanding its size.

Portofino Garden & Guest House

Spot Lighting

Spotlights are a very versatile way of lighting your home and can be effectively used to highlight a particular feature of a room. Spotlighting is extremely versatile and adaptable, introducing a very sleek, stylish, and atmospheric lighting scenario which works in a variety of different interior styles and can complement both modern and contemporary spaces.

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Kitchen Lighting

One place that you should go to bright is in the kitchen. Hanging pendants over kitchen islands will light up space without taking up room for food preparation. Under-cabinet spotlights, recessed downlights over worktops, or long and low pendant lights over preparation islands are just a few effective examples.

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Bathroom Lighting

Planning the perfect bathroom requires a lot of thought. Many people spend hours discussing the layout and have little input on the lighting scheme. You want your bathroom to have a good combination of low-level lighting to set the mood for a relaxing soak, plus strategically placed light fittings for illuminating areas for everyday tasks. A well-lit bathroom should include main downlights, wall lights and mirror lights to cover these requirements.

Sicilian Hotel

Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is one of the main rooms in view when guests are invited into your home. Lighting needs to highlight and bring out the best of this functional and formal space

Belgravia Apartment II

A sculptural centerpiece over a dining room table adds depth and creates a more intimate atmosphere. Spotlights pointed at the center of the dining table draw people in while wall lights washed upwards to create a softer ambiance. Finally, soft light generated by candles adds a welcoming and intimate glow.


Bedroom lighting needs to be both bright in the morning but a relaxing and intimate sanctuary at night. Using dimmable bulbs and bedside lights complement each other to provide the perfect solution for any situation.

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Warm lighting creates a cozy environment for your bedroom while central chandeliers with discrete light-ups in the corners of the room create ambiance complemented with bedside lamps for reading.

Outdoor Lighting

There is nothing more inviting than a well-lit outdoors in the evening. Outdoor garden lights can be installed to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden come rain or shine. 

Portofino Garden & Guest House

Set a casual mood with hurricanes or lanterns to enjoy the warm glow of a candlelit outdoors. Consider solar lights as these require minimal maintenance.

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