Jeremiah Goodman Book Launch

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On October 9,  2019, Paolo and Philip hosted the book launch of Jeremiah: Inspired Interiors at the showroom in Holbein Place in collaboration with ‘House & Garden The List.’

Jeremeiah Goodman Book Launch

Inducted to the prestigious Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1987, Jeremiah Goodman has long been revered within the interior design community for his ability to infuse static rooms with a warmth and personality. For almost seven decades his stylish and studied brushstrokes have chronicled the homes of powerbrokers in the upper reaches of the fashion and decorating worlds. Names like Bruce Weber, Carolina Herrera, Red Krakoff and Tony Duquette populate a client list that reads like a page from Who is who.

Jeremiah Goodman Book Launch

Jeremiah Inspired Interiors chronicles Goodman’s life and work, drawing on paintings and photographs taken from his own extensive archive. More than mere illustrations, his paintings interpret and inspire, conveying how a space is experienced through the eyes of an artist. Jeremiah can evoke a brocade-upholstered chair or a Baroque mirror with a few calligraphic brushstrokes that both describe and animate. Indeed, so evocative and full of particularized information are Jeremiah’s paintings that they form a unique record of the work of many of the great design personalities of the past half century. Simply put, Jeremiah’s work comprises the best record of some of the world’s greatest interiors.


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