Portofino Garden & Guest House


Situated on a hillside just outside of Portofino, the brief for this extraordinary project was to make this into the most beautiful garden in the Mediterranean. Some people say that the view from the garden over Portofino and the marina is the best in the world. The Paolo Moschino Design Studio spent two years transforming the once completely overgrown mountainside with no identity. The studio treated the mountain like an interior project; each of the 25 terraces has been carved out of the hillside and designed with a specific purpose in mind. A discreet pavilion and small two-bedroom guest on the land provide beautiful and subtle interior space for the client with historic and important artefacts creating a luxurious atmosphere. The lighting in this particular project is very important and the spectacular lighting ensures that the garden is perfect at all hours of every day, through the mysterious feeling of dusk and into the evening.


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